A1.  Yes, we can make customized projects for your need here in our factory,
            Taiwan for you.  But we do not have any existing mold. That is, we only
            make new mold...then, from above new mold, making parts out of it.
            We make the production job for our overseas clients in Taiwan. In short,
            we produce customized molds and products, and we also provide
            our customers
reverse engineering service.
A2.  1). We are excellent in making interchangeable cores mold in Taiwan,
                 which is of the most effective and cost-saving manufacturing process.
                 This kind of mold is especially suitable for those who looks for“more
                 variety but less quantity” solution.  By using only one mold, it can
                 generate different kinds of products, which significantly improves
                 the production efficiency.  

        2). We are especially good at making high transparent PC, Acrylic, PMMA,
             PET.. parts mold , good experience in making high gloss polishing
             and  Mold-Tech texture on parts surface, applied mostly in lighting
             parts, outdoor LED parts projects. 

         3). We are famous for gas assisted injection molds and products making
              …mostly applied in projects like the thick wall handles, monitors,
               the frame of TV cabinet etc.  Our team is very experienced in handling
               this kind of mold, which does prevent the shrinkage mark and improve
               the strength of the parts.  

         4). Medical silicone and rubber molds/products making are also our expertise.
               We manage both “solid” and “liquid” silicone rubber material which
               meets the standard of RoHS, FDA and REACH, good in developing
               those projects like skincare parts, medical earplugs, nipple pacifier,
               check valve, diving mask ..etc respectively. 

          5). We are very good in making highly-engineered plastic parts project in Taiwan.
A3:    Yes, except molding job, we provide à parts design à 3D printing
                 prototype/samples making à CNC milled prototype/samples
                 making mold design à trial mold making à trial molded parts
                 samples making à pilot mold making à pilot molded parts
                 sample making mass production mold making à mass
                 production molded parts manufacturing à jig/fixture making
                 à assembly à custom packing. 
A4:   If developing your own mold and own product, you can adjust its design,
           function or appearance (color)…etc for better commercial value. However,
           buying a existing product, you can only buy it with any price displayed on
           the rack, there is no any own value. 
A5:   Yes, we can help you to determine the color from the Panton color
              sheet for your need, and we can produce different colors for your
              product per your need.