Q1. Is it complicated to get the quote?

A1.  Definitely not, all we need from our clients to provide is that their
             technical data like 2D, 3D drawings,samples or photos.
             After receiving the project, our experienced and professional
             team will start to study and evaluate it. At the same time,
             our team will also discuss with the designers to make sure
             that every details are clear enough to make the actual mold
             and molding job, then, we will prepare a proper detailed
             quote report to our customers.  We will give our clients
             quality quotation reports  as soon as possible.
A2.  Yes, we can. We normally can analyze the advantage and disadvantage for
              working with Asian, China supplier or Taiwan supplier. Our goal is to
              provide our experience to help customer to buy the best possible with
              the lesser investment and risk. 
A3.  First of all, what we are famous for is that we produce interchangeable
             core mold, which needs not only precision work but also flexible
             team work to adjust to what our clients really want. Also, all of our
             steel is from Japan and Germany and that our processing steps
             are carried in Taiwan under the supervision of our professional
             engineers and thus we are trustworthy for you.  We are proud
             that we not only can provide   mold but also parts to satisfy
             our clients's need. We appreciate that all of our customers
             emphasized on quality and efficiency and that's why our
             company wants to provide too.
A4.    Up to the complex of the parts and jobs, normally, for prototype,
               1~7 days For trial mold, 2~4 weeks, for mass production mold,
               40~50 days, for production job, 1~2 weeks time.  
A5.    We cooperate with local agents for many years.  Also, we visit or
               participate International key exhibition every year. Euromold,
               Fakuma, Formnext, NPE, are the key exhibitions we participate
               very often.., almost every year.  By this, customer can meet us
               face to face in Exhibition site very often or we can visit them
               during our trip arrangement very oftern. So, communication
               and service is not a problem!
A6:   This is up to the view angle that you see the things, this is up to you
               pay attention to quality more in long   term value or to cost only for
               short term value.
A7:   This is up to different project, lead time difference could be very big.
               Normally, it could be around 1~3 months time.
A8:   If the requirement is only for temporary usage purpose,
              yes, the lead time can be shorten.
A9:   You need to make a sample mold or a temporary mold to start with.
               Yes, we can help you with this.