A1.  Yes, we do.  Due to Taiwan does not produce steel, so, we imports 100% high quality
            steel from German and  Japan. From this fact, customer is guaranteed with high quality
            steel producer from German and Japan. All our mold steels are imports from German and
            Japan with international steel certificate and guarantee for high-level quality and life
A2.  Yes, we do.  Before shipment, each mold will be well taken care of detail sampling trial
         as well as sample size measurement report. And eachtime trial sample, we will send to
         customer with courier express service. Only until customer is satisfied with our sample
         and mold quality, we will then ship out the mold or theparts.
A3.    1). We are excellent in making interchangeable cores mold in Taiwan, which is of the
                most effective and cost-saving manufacturing process. This kind of mold is
                especially suitable for those who looks for“more variety but less quantity” solution.
                By using only one mold, it can generate different kinds of products,
                which significantly improves the production efficiency.  

         2). We are especially good at making high transparent PC, Acrylic, PMMA, PET..
                parts mold , good experience in making high gloss polishing and  Mold-Tech
                texture on parts surface, applied mostly in lighting parts, outdoor LED parts projects. 

         3). We are famous for gas assisted injection molds and products making …mostly
                applied in projects like the thick wall handles, monitors, the frame of TV cabinet etc.
                Our team is very experienced in handling this kind of mold, which does prevent the 
                shrinkage mark and improve the strength of the parts.  

         4). Medical silicone and rubber molds/products making are also our expertise.
                We manage both “solid” and “liquid” silicone rubber material which meets
                the standard of RoHS, FDA and REACH, good in developing those projects
                like skincare parts, medical earplugs, nipple pacifier, check valve, diving mask
                ..etc respectively. 

         5). We are very good in making highly-engineered plastic parts project in Taiwan.
A4.   This is up to the mold steel grade you select.  The better grade, the longer life time. 
A5.   To find a right and a professional team, like Intertech, is a very important factor
                   to success.
A6.   If developing your own mold and own product, you can adjust its design,
             function or appearance (color)…etc for better commercial value. However,
             buying a existing product, you can only buy it with any price displayed
             on the rack, there is no any own value.
A7.   We only use German, Japan and USA imports steel with stable and pure quality,
             We do not use those worse steel imports from China.
A8.   The major difference is in its life time, stability and quality level.
A9.   1 to many.  This is up to the mold steel grade you select, the better steel grade and the
             better quality the mold, the more products it can be produced out.
A10.   You need to prevent it from the rust, and do the daily maintenance with proper
                lubrication, clean and well operation.
A11.   Well, as long as there is enough drawing, data to proceed further,
               yes, we will take this type of case.