A1.  Absolutely yes. We have helped countless customers from Europe and North America
      to invent their new products.Our experienced;engineers give our customers
      useful suggestion to help them solve the problems that they encounter when
      designing and process the molds and products.
A2.  Yes, we do.  Especially, we cooperate very closely with many new product designers
       or inventors or engineering companies or R & D dept. of each company, we can give them
       good advice for whether their project can be executed in making real mold, real molding
       job and real product or not..as well as suggesting by using what way, they can spend the
       less capital to complete their project.Therefore, many designer or R&D dept. like us and
       rely on us very much. We have many..many working partner from this working model.
       We always can generate mutual benefit for each other.
A3.  Yes, except molding job, we provide à parts design à 3D printing 
  • mold design à trial mold making à trial molded parts samples making à pilot mold
    à pilot molded parts sample making
  • mass production mold making à mass production molded parts manufacturing à
     jig/fixture making 
    à assembly à custom packing. 
A4.  Yes, as long as there is enough drawing, data to proceed further, yes, we can help you.