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Intertech is a “one-stop-shop” injection mould company for all your mold & molding needs


 As a molding maker  ,Intertech has been in mold & molding industry for 30 years and is mainly operated by very tight & close family business working type in Taiwan.   

 We specialize in custom mould  & moulding service 100% made in Taiwan from product design to final part production.

      We manufacture plastic molds & moldingsilicone rubber moulds & mouldingliquid silicone rubber molds & molding, including intensive product engineering & product development services 
.....we have many customers from automobile industrial, lighting equipment industrial, medical industrial, packaging industrial, industrial engineering application, etc. 

Are you a crowd funding project leader or a great ideal inventor or an industrial product designer or a production factory manager or a project manager or a new parts business investor?If you are looking for a injection mould company with profound experience and high quality products, , we will be your good working partner in Taiwan who makes your dreams come true.