Crowfunding and mold making support

For one product concept, it is fast by thinking, it can be very cool through video’s description with expansion. However, when it goes to the product manufacturing process and manufacturing technology stage, either its execution cost is too high, or its technology has not been developed yet. In other words, normally there is a difference in between the final finished product function and its original design thinking Manufacturing process

In addition, if one new project has obtained many support luckily, this will bring some headache too, because there is a big difference when manufacturing the first 10pcs and the first 1000pcs. It requires to invest more cost and evaluate the mold production to see whether there will be sold or not to bring the original investment money back. 

The required cost after the crowdfunding success 

Firstly, it is development and manufacturing process costs. Normally, most of the crowdfunding project are all in actual object products. When it is produced, it requires to make a new mold, controlling the inventory, sometimes, it needs to modify the mold, only then, it can obtain its expectable product result. If calculating together with the team R&D invested time and cost in it, its final cost normally is horrible to people !

Truly speaking, if one wants to make money, to write a program will be faster. It will be done by one computer. However, if it is related with hardware, it will have many costs. This is also the reason why not to use the project only one time. If one mold manufactures only one time, its unit cost will be very…very high. A reasonable management thinking should be in many times of using mold to split up the mold cost.

However, crowdfunding only solves the first pre-purchasing for one new product. The rest remains too many things that the crowdfunding has no way or no channel to solve the entire issue completely.

So, if the crowdfunding team (majorly for product designer) has no manufacturing experience themselves, they should seek one professional mold making factory for their assistance, in order to analysis and evaluate the possible problems they might face in the future when the project goes to the manufacturing stage. A professional mold making factory like Intertech can efficiently help such crowdfunding team product designer to solve all their developing problems and to reduce all the product development failure rate.