Our major business includes making customized mold and molded products for any new plastic, silicone and metal projects. We are in Taiwan, with more than 30 years experience. We cooperate very well with the industrial designers, the plant manager, the investors and the inventors. We support them with “product development assistance”, “parts design checking”, “DFM”, mold & molding product cost quotation estimation and full technical engineering consultancy.


1. We are good of making interchangeable cores mold: Suitable for those projects that is with” more
  variety, less quantity” solution. With making only one mold, it can efficiently generate different kinds
  of products.
2. We are good of making high transparent clear PC, Acrylic, PMMA Parts mold: high gloss polish,
  Mold-Tech texture.
3. We are good in matching different colors production in silicone rubber.
4. We are good in making medical liquid silicone and rigid silicone products project.

5. Except helping customer to develop their product, making prototype, making mold, making the
  products for them, we also help customer to do printing and packing service per their design. Come
  to Get a Quick Quote from us !

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