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Though selecting the right molding equipment can be tough, it is the most important step one can do. This can be the only way to making quality parts every time and beneficially. With the right choice of equipment, a facility is guaranteed a smooth operation where they will not need to hike their product cost. Besides, good molding equipment is more effective and convenient thus it can make a facility more competitive. As a result, the rates of sales can possibly popup leading to great earning. A company can then be recognized as a quality manufacturer. By selecting quality equipment for molding, an individual can be rest assured of security regarding the potential clients where they can stay for long.

Here is a short guide to purchasing quality equipment for molding.

Consider The Type Of Plastic You Want To Mould

Initially, you must know the type of plastic you want to mold before selecting a molding machine. Most molding machines work with specific plastics thus if you feed in it a different type, it can only lead to problems. For instance, the machine can become much slower, with bad quality results. In the process, this can lead to both the machine and mold damage. The size and weight of the mold is also an important factor to consider. Knowing how to determine the correct part is the key to find the best injection unit size and machine type.

Select Machine Type

Currently, there are about three types of injection molding machine available. According to MoldChina, a plastic injection mold company in china, they vary and are in different designs. These includes fully hydraulic, fully electric, and a combination of the two known as the, hybrid. The hydraulic machine contains clamps, hydraulic pumps, and accumulators. Electric ones are, however, with motors that are powered by electric thus they are very energetic. For this reason, they are suitable for molding medical devices. Finally, the hybrid plastic contains both these features where it can use both the hydraulic drive and the electric drive.

Calculate Clamp Tonnage Requirements

There are numerous ways of calculating the required clamp tonnage requirement for the injection molding machine. These include, by the computer simulation software, experience, and many more. The simple way, in this case, is by checking factors such as, plastic material, length by width by height, projected area average wall section, gate position, maximum flow length from the gate, and the number of cavities in the mold.

Calculate The Injection Unit Size

For a suitable unit selection, there are many facts that you must be familiar with. These include the plastic material, cycle time, cooling time, peak injection pressure requirement, plasticizing rate and injection rate among others. In many occasions, there are 2 injection units for one to choose from with the same number of different screws and barrel assemblies. If you can consider these factors and do the right calculation, then there is no, doubt, you will choose the right and reliable machine for your molding tasks.

In summary, the molding tactics are different since different products are made differently. For instance, there are molding types that are for hollow plastics while others are for completing the process to give a finish. So, in an event where you are selecting an equipment for molding, it is important to consider the abilities of techniques with regard to the desired final product.

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