This article talks about the die problems & solutions that we usualy face when we require to make the quality stamping die. Intertech has good experience in supporting customer to watch out all these die problems and provide best stamping die solution. Come to discuss with us for this topic !

     Die Problems & Solutions

- Methods to reduce tooling wear and breakage
- Dealing with premature spring failures
- Improving part quality
Improving die performance through design alternatives

Many die problems arise from the lack of execution from bolth the design and build standpoint.  The choice of tool steelsmay be inadequate for the application.  Consider powder metal steelspecialty steel or carbide.  The heat treatment of the tool steel may be suspect or cycles shortened to expedite completion.  The tool steels may not have been stress relieved after wire EDM machining.  Attempting to perform several operations in one station may present quality issues.  Improperly threaded holes and lack of countersunk holes present other issues such as loose retainersstripper plates or broken punch heads.  In die maintenance, fasteners should be replaced after torquing several times.  Stainless steel fasteners should be used when stamping high strength alloys.  Avoid press fit of hardened components into hardened retainers.  These are just some issues that can arise in a complex environment.  All auxiliarly equipment such as servo feedsstock straighteners and the press itself all contribute to success or failure.


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