Plastics Shrinkage Rate & Mold Shrinkage Rate

It is very important for each product design to know the plastics shrinkage rate. So that when he designs his parts design, he can present the right scale size of the drawing to mold manufacturing factory like Intertech. 

Intertech provides here with the referenced of the most common used plastics shrinkage rate chart to help the product designer to double check their product design.  Intertech will provide our experience for helping customer to select the right plastics for their project.  Welcome to discuss with Intertech for any

Plastics material shrinkage rate application


Mold Shrinkage Rate

Meanwhile, the mold shrinkage rate corresponses the material shrinkage rate and provides good information for production injection molding factory for calculating the final finished product size to be formed in final shape.

Intertech’s mold design and engineering team is quite profession in helping customer to double check this correspondence and build the best mold, product the best finished for customer. Welcome to discuss us with your project.

                                    Plastics Shrinkage Rate   
General Plastics Shrinkage Rate (%)
Raw Material  Add. 30% GF
LDPE 2.0 0.5
HDPE 2.0 0.4
PP 1.8 0.4
PS 0.6 0.1
PVC 0.4 0.1
PMMA 0.5 0.1
ABS 0.6 0.1
Engineering Plastics        Shrinkage Rate (%)  
Raw Material  Add. 30% GF
NY6 1.5 0.4
NY66 1.5 0.4
PBT 2.0 0.4
POM 2.5 0.5
PC 0.6 0.1
PPO 0.6 0.1
                                   Mold Shrinkage Rate   
Plastics Glass Fiber Adding Mold Shrinkage Rate 
[%] [%]
PS   0.3-0.6
HI-PS   0.5-0.6
SAN   0.5-0.7
ABS   0.4-0.7
ASA   0.4-0.6
LDPE   1.5-5.0
HDPE   1.5-3.0
PP   1.0-2.5
PP+GF 30 0.5-1.2
PVC-soft   >0.5
PVC-rigid   0.5
PVDF   3.0-6.0
PMMA   0.1-0.8
POM   1.9-2.3
PPO   0.5-0.7
PPO+GF 30 <0.7
CA   0.5
PC   0.8
PC+GF 10~30 0.15-0.55
PBT   1.5-2.5
PBT+GF 30-50 0.3-1.2
PA6   0.5-2.2
PA6+GF 30~50 0.3-1
PA66   0.5-2.2
PA66+GF 30~50 0.5-1.5
PA11   0.5-1.5
PA12   0.5-1.5
PPS 40 0.2

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German and Japan Imports Mold Steel

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As a plastic molding manufacturing , we are the factory with plastic moulding capability of 50-250T machines in house output and 300-3000T machines output in associated party.
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