P20 mold steel and producer

For German Buderus (2311), Japan JIS (P20), USA AISI (P20), all above are the producer of P20.

The only difference is their code is different.


P20 is pre-harden steel, with a normal hardness in 28-32.  If doing nitriding (on surface about 0.2-0.25mm), it

can be nitride up to 65 HRC.


If the hardness of the pre-harden steel requires to 38-42, this has to use TDAC steel.  TDAC is more expensive

in price, and it is not easy to do the machining.  For medium and large size of mold, it is rarely used.

Normally, it is used mostly on those die casting mold which requires heat-endurable and wear-endurable.