For mold steel selection…

    When making mold steel selection project, per customer’s requirement for mold steel selection material, we choose the suitable mold steel grade for our customers.  

    The chemical features of the mold steel is quite important, if the steel alloy percentage is higher, the machining step difficulty grade is higher.  

     For the mold steel selection, high speed steel (HSS) can be applied in machining hardness max. 330-400HB material;  high speed steel+Tin plate can be applied in machining hardness max 45HRC material.  And for hardness with 65-70HRC material, it must use harden alloy, ceramic, metal ceramic and CBN.

     We have high quality German and Japan imports mold steel selection material to proceed our moulding making.   Only after our mold engineers discussing with our customers, we will proceed with our
 mold engineering.