Plastic Material Recycling Identification Code


Intertech, the Expert of plastic injection industry (mold development & injection molding service), provides the most common used plastic material recycling identification code for your reference.  Hereby we show our knowledge about the plastic material and plastic recycling material information in plastic industry.


Plastic Application

Temp. & Feature





Polyester fiber, thermoplastic resin, tape and water bottles, commercial beverage bottles, edible oil bottles. 

Heat resistance 60 ~ 85  Hardness and toughness, light weight, non-volatile, Acid and alkali resistance

White or transparent


High-density polyethylene

Bottles, shopping bags, recycling barrels, agricultural management, cup seats, car barriers, fresh bottles, sports equipment and composite plastic wood

Heat resistance 90 ~ 110  corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, not easy to thoroughly clean the residue

White translucent


Polyvinyl chloride

Pipe, wall and non-food bottles, plastic wrap, egg box, seasoning cans and so on

Heat resistance 60 ~ 80  . High plasticity

Colorless and transparent


Low-density polyethylene

Plastic bags, all kinds of containers, vials, bottles, piping and various molded laboratory equipment

Heat resistance 70~90  corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance

White translucent



Auto parts, industrial fiber and food containers, food meal utensils, cups, pudding boxes, soy bottles, etc.

Heat resistance 100 ~ 140  , acid and alkali resistance, resistant to chemical substances, impact resistance, high temperature endurable

White translucent



desktop accessories, self-service tray, food tableware, toys, video cassettes, lotus bottles, ice cream box, instant noodles bowl, partitions and foam polystyrene (EPS) products such as polyline

Heat resistance 70 ~ 90  low water absorption, good stability

Colorless and transparent

Other plastics, including melamine, ABS resin (ABS), polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), polycarbonate (PC), polylactic acid (PLA), nylon and glass fiber reinforced plastic

Food meal utensils

PC heat resistance 120 ~ 130  PLA heat resistance of about 50 

PC / PLA / Acrylic is colorless and transparent