Finished Parts Surface Treatment done on mold:

For the finished parts surface, Intertech manages with three ways done on mold:

polishing surface, EDM surface and texture surface.


For the polishing surface:

it is relatively simple, 4 kinds of tools can be used: sandblasting, whetstone, sandpaper, diamond paste.


For the EDM surface:

EDM will make the surface of the finished product matte effect, due to the processing electrode and the mold surface will produce a very small arc erosion on the mold surface which causing the surface with many extremely small potholes.


For the texture surface:

Discharge also has the form and number, usually based on processing conditions and machine manufacturers to make the distinction between specifications. VDI and MT specifications are the common ones.  For VDI, it is from VDI-0 ~ VDI-45, the bigger the number, the thicker the texture pattern.  For the MT specification, see following chart.


texture pattern specification