Top 1 winner of Alibaba E-Commerce of 2018 P4P battles. -Winner award Ceremony.

Congratulation to Intertech, Taiwan top mold maker and molding
factory !

Intertech is a senior member of alibaba for 11 years, mainly making plastic injection mold/molding, silicone mold/molding and metal punch die/stamping project in Taiwan.
Intertech participates the Alibaba E-CommerceAbility P4P Battle during Jan~Feb 2018.
The total contestants of this E-Commerce battle is 179 top manufacturers and exporter of Taiwanese company.

Finally, Intertech wins the NO. 1 highest inquiry growth rate prize in this competition.
This evidence can prove that Intertech is an very top and senior E-Commerce trade assurance, reliable and high trustable manufacturer in alibaba platform, wins a lot of senior buyers mind to make many good project together !!!
Congratulation to Intertech indeed.

CALL US NOW : Intertech Machinery Inc.
Factory : No. 20, Lane 417, Min-An Rd., Hsin-Chung City, 242, Taipei County, Taiwan
Tel: 886 2 2833-4646 Fax: 886 2 2833-4700
Email: Skype: debbyhsien
Whatsapp: +00886.932.866.329
Contact Person: Deb Hsien