We can help industrial designer to design a new mold

For providing better mold making and injection molding service to all our customers, Intertech makes this cartoon interaction presentation.   Because we meet very often with many customers who has different project but do not know how to find the right supplier or the right solution for their project from their supplier due to their interaction is quite poor and takes too long time.   This cartoon aims to help them to find the right interaction approach with their supplier (Intertech).


From our past experience, we have four major types of customers who plays different roles in their position, they are : 
industry designer, investor, plant manager and inventor.  So, we have made four different cartoons which helps each different type of role to prepare their technical data (2D, 3D, photos, samples) to communicate with Intertech.


These cartoons are quite easy and fast to be understood.  Our four major customers: industrial designer, investor, plant manager and inventor, can easily find the best way to get in touch with Intertech by reading these cartoon to find the best supply solution from Intertech.