(Animation film)How can we help inventor to make mold

We believe….very often, you have a good idea for some application, or for some commodity, you want someone to discuss with for its development …, and someone to manufacture out your great idea into real product, we (Intertech/Taiwan) is the one here working together with you…!

We can help you to build up your product design…., makingprototype to view (3D printing service is available)…., makingsample mold…, making production pilot run…, making mass production mold/product…, making printingassembly,packing…etc.

And the most important thing…is : we provide all pricing information…and timing information. So, you completely know where you can reach and what you can do for your good idea (as an inventor, a new idea developers, anew idea designers…etc).

Contact us now : intertech@seed.net.tw &mold.factory@msa.hinet.net


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