This is an very important forum you won't miss it. Digital Innovation forum topic about nowadays AI, internet development in latest technology will be held in Taiwan, Taipei on July 19-20. Intertech, a leading mold making and molding factory in Taiwan, Taipei welcome those who concerns about this topic to develop the possible business with Intertech now !

Looks who is coming as a speaker in this Forum...., you won't miss it !   Founder of Wikipedia, Co-Founder of skype...and the world's first Android Citizen, Sophia....!  Wow~~~!!  Cool !!!

Digital Innovation Forum 2018

The Digital Innovation Forum 2018 is supported by ABAC, hosted by ABAC Papua New Guinea and ABAC Chinese Taipei, taking place at Taipei from July 19 to 20.
In this Forum, people from the world’s biggest companies and numerous global business leaders will come to Taipei to share their stories and experiences.

We aim to bring substantial influence to the development of global digital innovation. By decoding the latest technology, we are here to stimulate creativity, breakthrough the barriers of technology, discover the chasm caused by digitalization and unveil the upcoming opportunities lies within.

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